Will BarberWillard Barber

As a former scientist I look at the world as “ordered chaos” where various physical, chemical, and biological processes come together in landscapes, the photographic venue I enjoy. Many landscape photographers try to simplify this chaos in landscapes by focusing on a single element. At the same time, they take into account lines, textures forms, colors, and relationships elements of the view.

In my photography I emphasize the influence of light on Nevada’s topography. Nevada has wide open spaces between mountain ranges that seem to be monochromatic and boring, as anyone has seen driving through the state. However, in the right light conditions one finds a kaleidoscope of colors and beauty. Also, in each photograph I take I try to pick several elements to emphasize. As a euphemism, I call it “The Schizophrenic Technique” which allows each viewer of a photograph to focus on a different aspect. For example, one person who likes trees or flowers will see one of these elements as the subject at a colorful sunrise. In contrast, another person who likes intense colors in a photograph will view the sunrise or the light’s impact on the mountains as the subject. This allows each viewer to focus on different aspects of the photograph and come to different conclusions about what is the subject. Thus, like in many of Ansel Adams’ landscapes, I attempt to include several strong elements in a single image that lead different people to different conclusions as to the focus of the photograph.

Camera and Equipment

  • Canon 5D Mark
    10 megapixel

Lenses and Filters
  • Canon EF 70mm-200mm Lf4
  • Canon EF 24mm-70 mm Lf2.8

Support Equipment
  • Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod
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